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Driving too slow in fast lane could lead to ticketing

Posted at 3:45 PM, Jul 01, 2013

Speeders aren’t the only ones who have to watch out on Florida roads. A new law is giving slow drivers something to worry about too.

Driving too slow in the left lane could cost you now in Florida. Drivers plodding around in the fast lane will now be ticketed and fined.

The so-called “road rage” law applies to people driving in a multiple lane road or highway, going more than 10 miles below the speed limit.

Officials say failure to move over or speed up out of the way of an approaching vehicle is grounds for a $60 fine.

Florida highway patrol says a ticket for slow driving would affect a driver’s record the same way a speeding ticket would.

The left lane law is one of a number of new road rules that took effect Monday, July 1.