Murdered Chesterfield man’s ex-wife calls him a devoted father

Posted at 10:02 PM, Jun 28, 2013

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WTVR) -- Police were still looking for Abdelmajied Hussein's killer Friday night.

Whatever his killer sought to gain, his ex-wife of seven years tells CBS-6 whoever pulled the trigger, ruined the lives of her children.

"I haven't even told my daughter,” said Angel Conley.  “How can I? I can't fix it for her."

How do you fix broken hearts? It's the question of the day for family members and friends of 32-year-old Abdelmajied Hussein.

"I know they are going to find whoever did this, in Jesus’ name,” said Conley.  “I hope whoever did it, gets justice."

Conley was married to Hussein for seven years.  They have an eleven-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter together. While they split years ago, she says Hussein was always there for his children, and moving forward, that's what she'll struggle with the most.

"The hardest thing is my kids ain't got no father now,” said Conley.   “He was a good man. He loved and took care of his kids."

Conley told me Hussein recently started running his own convenience store.   She believes he was leaving for work when police say three suspects ambushed him in the parking lot of the Bristol Village Apartments in Midlothian.

Several shots rang out, but sources say a fatal shot went through Hussein’s right arm pit and he bled to death.

Chesterfield Police had no updates on the search for his killer Friday as his grieving family made funeral arrangements to bury the father of two.

"They took him from everyone that loved him,” said Conley.  “He had a good heart.  He loved life."

As we mentioned Thursday night, Hussein was to be sentenced August 15th for a malicious wounding charge that stemmed from a downtown bar fight last year.

But his ex-wife says she is certain that has nothing to do with whoever killed him.