Midlothian killing not random, police say

Posted at 1:11 AM, Jun 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-28 01:11:00-04

The quiet neighborhood of Bristol Village is a tidy collection of three-story town homes in Charter Colony where neighbors feel safe, but their sense of security was shattered early Thursday.

Thursday night police sources confirmed 32-year-old Abdelmajied Hussein was shot in the right arm pit and bled to death in a Chesterfield apartment complex parking lot, earlier that day.

Captain Chris Hensley with Chesterfield police told CBS 6 News that the incident happened around 4:00 a.m. outside the 600 block of Bristol Village Drive

Police responded to a call for shots fired and upon arrival found Hussein dead from an apparent gunshot wound in the parking lot. We also learned an off-duty officer who lives at the complex tried to administer CPR and got a good description of at least one of the suspects.

"The vehicle was recovered in Byrd Park and had been set on fire," said Chesterfield Police Capt. Chris Hensley.

Now Chesterfield Police have to piece clues together to find the killer.  "We are talking to neighbors, and associates to see if they know anything," said Hensley.

Multiple police sources tell me the off-duty officer got a good description of a black male running from the scene wearing blue jeans, a Northface jacket with a white t-shirt wrapped around his face.  Police also say they're looking for two other suspects.

Court records reveal Hussein was due in court August 15th to be sentenced on a malicious wounding charge.  Police sources say that charge stemmed from a fight at a downtown club last July.

Investigators say Thursday’s murder was not a random killing, which means they have information from someone on the scene who's filled them in on who may be involved.

CBS-6 crime expert Steve Neal says the burned car will be a key component of what is so far a murder mystery.  "To steal someone’s car and set it on fire, you draw attention to it,” said Neal.  “So whoever did this was sending a message."

I am told by sources that  investigators are following several leads tonight.  Police are asking anyone that lives in Bristol Village to call them if they saw or heard anything suspicious.