Close encounter as tree almost strikes Chesterfield family

Posted at 7:51 PM, Jun 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-27 00:31:43-04

CHESTERFIELD, Va.(WTVR)--Several apartment homes were damaged during the Wednesday storms that moved through Central Virginia, and one family shaken as a tree came through their roof and into a bedroom.

This large tree just narrowly missed hitting a family because the grandmother said she quickly reacted when she heard a loud, unfamiliar snapping sound.

She was upstairs with a three-month-old baby and a young son, and she quickly   yelled for everyone to move, and grabbed the baby.

"It probably made the difference between life and death," said Pamela Thomas who lives in the apartment.

The mother of the three-month-old, Danielle Harris said the whole house shook.

"It's through the bathroom, through the master bedroom, it's laying on top of the bed," said Harris when talking about the tree.

Thomas told CBS 6 News' Chelsea Rarrick that everything in her bedroom is destroyed from the tree.

Reports are that other apartments in the 7600 block of Van Hoy Road were damaged, but there are no reported injuries. Red Cross will be assisting people.

Chesterfield Fire crews said they don't have a time frame as to when people will be allowed back in the home.

Pamela said she's still shaken by what happened, but is just glad to be with her family Wednesday night.

"We just have to move forward. We have insurance, and the apartment if going to try to take care of some things as well," said Thomas.