Richmond residents concerned about spike in robberies

Posted at 1:52 PM, Jun 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-25 13:52:43-04

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) -- When it comes to crime in Richmond the news was a mixed bag for the Metro.  The police chief said incidents of violence are down, but the number of robberies are up.

In much the same way Richmond robberies are up, so are the concerns from some residents.  CBS 6 News reached out to some Richmond City Council members as well as Police Chief Ray Tarasovic to get their take on a possible plan to combat the growing problem.  We are still working to get their responses.  But in the meantime some Richmond residents are voicing their concerns on the startling statistics.

On Monday the chief told the city council there were nearly 200 robberies this same time last year, but as things now stand there have been 250 in 2013.  That averages more than one a day.

Many of the specifics to what Chief Tarasovic's plan is to battle the problem have yet to be released.  By phone on Tuesday Councilwoman Reva Trammell told CBS 6 News the chief had yet to reveal the details of his plan to council as well.  Trammell is now waiting and watching to see how the council can help stop the rise in robberies.

But for some residents they are taking their well-being and safety into their own hands.

"I try to stay in big groups," Richmond resident Ramon Noble said.  "Right now I'm by myself because I'm going to school.  But just try to stay safe, carry mace, carry something that protects yourself.  Don't hurt anybody else, but just try to stay safe."

The chief did tell council he wants to move some of his officers around to those areas in need.