City could raise almost $400,000 in parking fees during Redskins camp

Posted at 10:01 PM, Jun 25, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)–Below is a very rough estimate of how much money the city might make from parking revenue during the Redskins Training Camp, if every single spot was occupied, each day. 

Camp runs 16 days, plus Fan Appreciation Day, when there are more spaces made available.

The city said that parking will be $5 for most lots, and $7 for the City Stadium, which included a shuttle.

Based on the city’s initial press release there are a total 2,990 spaces available at $5 a day and 1,000 spots available at $7. If every space were occupied, for each day then the city could make a combined $21,950 daily.

For the 16 days of training camp (not counting Fan Appreciation Day) and only IF all spaces were occupied, the city could make a combined total of $351,200.

On Fan Appreciation Day extra spaces will be added, with the city’s initial estimate of overflow parking at 3,470 spaces. We haven’t seen a break down in price, so the below figures are based on $5 a space, with the exception of the City Stadium parking lot.

If all available spots throughout the city are occupied on Fan Appreciation Day, then the city would make an estimated of $39,300.

So for all 17 days, if all spots were filled (highly unlikely), the total revenue generated from parking would be $390,500.

The city says that as many as 2,500 fans are expected to visit daily. The city says there will be 3,990 spots available, seemingly plenty.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported in May that as many as 10,000 fans will visit the Washington Redskins’ training camp each day.

Fan Appreciation Day is expected to bring as many as 25,000 people to the city. Although only an extra 3.470-5,220 spots will be added.

***This doesn’t include how much revenue could be generated from parking ticket fees for those who brave on-street parking.

***It should also be noted that fans are expected to arrive in waves, with some coming in the a.m. and some in p.m., so a space could be occupied more than once a day.