Farmville funeral home now offers drive-thru viewing

Posted at 7:36 PM, Jun 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-25 19:59:36-04

FARMVILLE, Va. (WTVR)—The drive-thru itself was an innovative concept, but at this one, it's unlikely you can order any fries or a shake.

Carl Eggleston of Farmville believes in innovation when it comes to his funeral business. After 30 years in the business, he's seen some changes and he's tried to be one who keeps up with the times and needs of families.

Next month he'll have cameras installed in the chapel, so services can be viewed online for family out-of-state. He's already seen many grieving families choose to have their loved ones fingerprints made into rings, pendants and ear rings.

But now he's leading the way in Virginia with a new service, the drive-thru.

"You can stay in your car and ride by this window, see your loved one--also see when the place and time of service is going to be held, on this board here--without leaving your car," Eggleston said from the Oliver and Eggleston Funeral Establishment

Eggleston said he sees the drive-thru option as something some will chose during inclement weather and that will be used by those with disabilities but he adds it won't replace the traditional chapel service.

"You can have a regular viewing, in a regular room and then at night, if you want us to roll you over here and put you in here, we can put the person in here,” Eggleston said, as he stood beside a casket in the room.

Three windows on the side and two in front allow views from those passing by in the parking lot.

Photo via Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment

Photo via Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment

Eggleston also offers families the option to have the casket sit in an 1840 horse drawn carriage during the viewing.

Eggleston said that so far no one has chosen the drive-thru option but several have expressed an interest.

One of the older and more successful drive-thru—and bulletproof—funeral homes is located in Compton, California.