City announces plan to charge for Redskins training camp parking

Posted at 7:53 PM, Jun 24, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--The city announced Monday, with just a little over a month until the Washington Redskins begin training camp, the details of their plan to charge visitors' parking fees.

The city will charge a flat fee of $5 for spots within walking distance, or $7 for parking with a round-trip shuttle included.

The city anticipates about 2,500 fans a day will attend the three-week camp, with as many as 25,000 expected during Fan Appreciation Day on Aug. 3. The camp kick-off is July 25.

"We have a pattern of handling large crowds," Tammy Hawley, the Mayor's Press Secretary, said.  "I mean, think about events like the Richmond Folk Festival."

"We welcomed over 200,00 people (Folk Festival).  Parking shouldn't be considered on a one-for-one basis that way,”Hawley said.

Hawley said fans generally come in waves, and not all of them will be driving.

"People come on bus trips.  We're actually even planning for a biking valet. So, we're going to encourage a lot of biking to the event,” said Hawley.  "People will be coming by train."

"We are really a multi-modal town and we're expecting people to come into this area by various, different means of transportation."

Some Redskins Fans like Isaac Brown said he'll avoid driving at all costs.

"I'm just going to have somebody drop me off.  And they can find a space.  If not, they can go back home, and I'll just go to the game,” said Isaac Brown.

Hawley added that if you decide to park on the street and ignore the signs in certain neighborhoods, like handicapped parking or at bus stops, expect to get a ticket.

“Normal parking regulations will be in effect, will be enforced as usual,” said Hawley, “we have certain neighborhood parking restrictions that would have to be enforced.”

The city, in a press release, announced that they are finalizing arrangements with parking facilities that include:

Parking Facility

Number of Spaces

923 N. Meadow-field


840 Hermitage


2200 W. Broad Street


937 Meyers Street


Diamond Parking Facility3001 N. Boulevard


City Stadium - 600 McCloy Street


On Fan Appreciation Day additional lots will be put into service. Those include:

Parking Facility

Number of Spaces

Sauer’s Employee Lots


1840 W. Broad Street


VCU lots (will be operated by VCU)


(expandable to 3,500 if needed)

923 Meadow (fenced area)


Virginia Union University


(expandable to 750 if needed)

State of VA - 1957  Westmoreland St.