Michael Vick’s former top-fighter pit bull euthanized

Posted at 12:16 AM, Jun 21, 2013

One of the pit bulls that NFL star and Virginia native Michael Vick used as a top fighter in his dogfighting ring has died.

The Best Friends Animal Society in Utah said that Lucas was euthanized Wednesday because of accumulating health problems.

Lucas was one of two of Vick’s dogs not allowed to be adopted because of his history as a fighter. Lucas had been rehabilitated at the Utah sanctuary, where he was widely known as one of the friendliest dogs..Despite his aggressive past, members at the sanctuary spoke accolades of the dog’s loving temperament.

"Lucas was inspirational from the first time I ever saw him and I was impressed that after all he had gone through, he still loved humans. He showed us the resilience of canines, something we humans need to learn,” John Garcia, Emergency Response Manager and star of TV show DogTown, said in a Facebook post.

“Bottom line, he was the king of kings. He changed people's perceptions worldwide about who fighting dogs were and what they could become.”

Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison for the crime.