Dumpster causes stink in Short Pump

Posted at 11:52 PM, Jun 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-24 06:27:49-04

SHORT PUMP, Va. (WTVR) - When Conte's Bike Shop moved into a shopping center in Short Pump, employee Danielle Resnick said her expectations were set high.

"You're supposed to, I would think, take pride in your area and your community," said Resnick.

But lately, Danielle told CBS 6 News' Chelsea Rarrick that she hasn't seen the kind of pride she was hoping for.

"Evidently, somebody has decided to park a vehicle in this spot which prevents the garbage truck to come around and dispose of the garbage," she said.

Danielle told CBS 6 News she hasn't seen the car move in around three weeks. During that time, she said trash has been piling up in a dumpster near the building she works at.

"The stench is horrendous," she said.

Danielle said the dumpster pile might be from an issue with property owners.

CBS 6 Contacted Henrico County regarding the issue. A representative said Henrico County is working with property owners to help resolve the situation.

"Planning Department staff are working to ensure the terms of a building permit are complied with regarding the placement of the dumpster on the property," Assistant Director of Henrico County Public Relations and Media Services  Steve Knockemus said in a statement to CBS 6.

Danielle said she understands where Henrico County officials are coming from, but hopes the smelly scenario will be gone on Monday.

"Whoever owns the truck would just move it, allow them to restore the garbage and then resolve the problem," said Resnick.

As for who owns the truck, several store employees told CBS 6 that they believe it belongs to one of the property owners. When contacted, the property owner would not confirm it was her truck.

The other property owner has not yet called back regarding the situation for a comment.

Henrico County could not give a time frame on when the issue is expected to be resolved, but hope to have everything worked out as soon as possible.