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WATCH: Grandma organizes ‘Glock Block’ to scare off criminals

Posted at 1:32 PM, Jun 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-19 13:38:40-04

(CNN) – An Oregon grandmother fed up with neighborhood crime took matters into her own hands. She organized a community watch group that packs their own heat and they want criminals to know they’re not afraid to use their weapons.

The idea for the group came to 65-year-old Coy Tolonen after she chased a thief off of her property.

“I was having a cup of coffee at my window there, looking out, and I notice this fellow,” she said. “He didn’t just come to my yard and steal a statue, he tried to get in my front door. And that alarms me.”

That incident sparked her to organize a neighborhood watch dog group called "Glock Block." Their motto is "we don't call 9-1-1."

The group posted flyers in their windows to warn would-be thieves that they are armed.

"I think it's time to let these criminals know not to come into our neighborhood," Tolonen said.

Police are not thrilled with the group's form of vigilante justice.

"Essentially you're bringing a firearm into a situation where maybe there wasn't one before," Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Wurpes said. "You can get disarmed, the weapon could get used against you."

No concern to Tolonen who said she is prepared.

"We are a tight-knit neighborhood and we are armed and we won't tolerate this nonsense because if it doesn't stop they're going to find someone at home," she said.