More localized heavy rain this week

Posted at 10:27 PM, Jun 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-16 22:28:33-04

A slow-moving storm system will affect the area Monday through Wednesday.  A very warm and humid air mass in place, combined with some occasional sunshine and a series of disturbances in the area, will produce off & on showers and storms.  The showers and storms will not move through too quickly, and combined with high humidity, heavy downpours will occur.  Since these storms will be occasional and scattered, some locations will see a few drops of rain during this period while other areas could see multiple inches of rain.


When you consider the period of Monday through Wednesday, areas that get hit by repeated storms could accumulate over two or three inches of rain.

Many areas do not need this rainfall.  Over the past week, heavy rain totals occurred in these areas, concentrated northwest and west of Richmond:


When you look at the past two weeks, some areas have picked up over ten inches in that time frame:


And reviewing the past thirty days, tropical storm Andrea and various clusters of storms produced areas of very heavy rainfall in many different parts of the state:


During this period of the year, we lose about 1.00″ to 1.50″ of water due to the sun angle, heat, evaporation & evapotranspiration (loss of moisture to the air from leaves and plants).  So while we need frequent rainfall throughout the summer, some locations need a bit of a dry spell to deal with all of the rainfall from previous weeks.