Statements from Democratic candidates on primary election results

Posted at 10:00 PM, Jun 11, 2013
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Statement on Senator Northam’s win for Lt. Governor

RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Delegate Charniele Herring statement on the nomination of Senator Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor:

“The responsibilities of the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia are at an all-time high as the Senate is evenly divided. It is imperative that Virginia has a mainstream Lieutenant Governor who is willing to work with both parties to improve Virginia’s competitiveness.
“Our Democratic nominee, Ralph Northam, will work tirelessly to bring mainstream values and a bipartisan approach to the office of the Lieutenant Governor. Tea Party candidate E.W. Jackson has proven that his extreme views and rhetoric would divide Virginians and prevent bipartisan progress. Jackson’s inflammatory attacks on Planned Parenthood, gay Virginians and even healthy pastimes like yoga demonstrate that he would be focused on imposing his own social agenda on Virginia families.”


Chopra statement on Democratic Lt. Governor Primary Results

ARLINGTON, VA — Aneesh Chopra released the following statement regarding today’s Democratic Primary for Virginia Lt. Governor:

“I want to congratulate Senator Ralph Northam on his victory tonight in the Democratic Primary. Senator Northam and his staff should be proud of their campaign. While this was not the result that we hoped for tonight — I look forward to coming together to ensure the Democratic ticket wins a clean sweep in November. The work to bring fairness, equality, and opportunity to Virginia continues.”

Terry McAuliffe Statement Congratulating Ralph Northam and Mark Herring on Their Nominations to the Democratic Ticket

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe released the following statement congratulating Ralph Northam and Mark Herring on their nominations as Virginia’s Democratic candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General:

“I would like to congratulate Ralph Northam on becoming the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Ralph has dedicated his career to improving the lives of Virginia’s families and communities, both as a State Senator for Virginia and as a pediatric neurologist. Ralph has been a tireless advocate for women’s health, has worked to strengthen our education systems, and helped pass crucial legislation aimed at improving the health of Virginians and protecting first responders. I look forward to the work Ralph and I will do together to make Virginia the best state in the nation to do business and raise a family.

“I want to also congratulate Mark Herring on becoming the Democratic nominee for Attorney General of Virginia. The critical work Mark did as co-patron of the bipartisan transportation compromise is a testament to his commitment to tackling the challenges Virginia’s communities face in a bipartisan manner.  I look forward to continuing to work with him on issues he has been a leader on in the State Senate representing Loudoun and Fairfax counties, including improving our local education systems and making Virginia more attractive to innovative companies. We need responsible leaders like Mark in Richmond who will strive to make our government more efficient, open, and better for the people of the Commonwealth. I know Mark will restore a pragmatic focus on the issues Virginians care about to the Office of the Attorney General.”

DPVA Chair Del. Herring Statement on Mark Herring AG Victory

 RICHMOND — DPVA Chair Delegate Charniele Herring statement on the nomination of Senator Mark Herring:

 “This election will provide a stark contrast in the race for Attorney General. Our Democratic nominee, Mark Herring, will work hard to restore the reputation of the Office of the Attorney General by focusing on issues that Virginians care about like consumer protection and equitably representing the people of Virginia.

 “Mark Obenshain has already proven that he views political power as a way to impose his own social agenda on Virginia families. He wrote legislation to require women suffering a miscarriage to report it to the police or face criminal penalties and worked with Ken Cuccinelli to introduce legislation that would ban some common forms of birth control, like the pill.”

“Commonwealth voters will use this election as an opportunity to restore a mainstream focus to the Office of the Attorney General.”

Democratic House Caucus Statement on the 63rd District of the House of Delegates Primary Election

 RICHMOND – The Virginia Democratic House Caucus released the following statement on Delegate Dance’s primary victory in the 63rd District:

“Rosalyn Dance has worked hard for the Democratic Caucus and for the people of the 63rd district,” said Democratic House Caucus Leader David Toscano. “I look forward to serving with her for many years to come.”

Democratic House Caucus Chair Mark Sickles added, “Rosalyn Dance has been a tireless advocate for residents in the 63rd, people who do not have a registered lobbyist to look out for their interests.  I am glad that she will be back with us, fighting for fairness and a better life for the hard working men and women of Virginia.”

Democratic House Caucus Statement on Statewide Democratic Ticket

RICHMOND – The Democratic House Caucus leadership released the following statement congratulating the newly elected statewide Democratic ticket:

“We want to congratulate Senator Ralph Northam and Senator Mark Herring on their victory tonight,” said Democratic House Caucus Leader David Toscano. “Virginians were given the choice of four great candidates tonight and the race was close to the very end.”

“We look forward to working in coordination with Terry McAuliffe as well as Democrats up and down the ticket,” added Democratic Caucus Chair Mark Sickles. “While Republicans across the Commonwealth are running away from their extremist, divisive ticket of Cuccinelli, Jackson, and Obenshain, we’re proud to run with the forward-looking, common-sense team of McAuliffe, Northam, and Herring.”

Virginia New Majority has issued the following statement following the Democratic primary.

“The selection of Ralph Northam for Lieutenant Governor and Mark Herring for Attorney General is certainly a welcome contrast to the Republican ticket. We believe that Northam and Herring will fight for policies that Virginians need, rather than politics voters don’t want,” said Tram Nguyen, Associate Director of Virginia New Majority.

“Access to affordable healthcare, reproductive choice, immigration reform and LGBTQ rights will suffer a serious blow if Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson or Mark Obenshain were to win this November. We just can’t allow them to put a chokehold on the progress we have made thus far,” said Jon Liss, Executive Director of Virginia New Majority. “Cuccinelli, Jackson and Obenshain aren’t hiding their views. This is the most ideologically extreme ticket I have seen during my lifetime.”

Virginia New Majority also applauds the Democratic Party for holding primary elections, rather than choosing candidates through a convention.

“Voters should decide who is going to appear on the ballot. That’s how a democracy should work,” Liss added.

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