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New Kent resident takes extra precautions during hurricane season

Posted at 6:54 PM, Jun 06, 2013

NEW KENT, Va. (WTVR) -- Hurricane season is here, and with Tropical Storm Andrea expected to move toward Virginia, many are making sure to prepare for the season.

Star Martinez, who lives in New Kent, says she and other neighbors dealt with damages from Irene in 2011, and then a tornado just a month after.

"The deck got lifted up, the pier got all damaged," said Martinez.

Martinez says she's always prepared for any type of disasters, but since the two events in 2011, she takes extra precautions.

"You just try to make sure you have water, batteries, make sure the generator has gas," she said.

Star says she even has a designated space under the kitchen cabinet where she knows it's easy access.

Along with Martinez, The Virginia Department of Emergency Management also works to make preparations are in place.

The Director of Public Affairs, Bob Spieldenner, says although there is no specific storm budget like VDOT has for snow, there is money available if needed.

"If there is any kind of disaster, the state budget is there, where we will find the money in there to be able to pay for whatever response we might need to do," said Spieldenner.

Spieldenner says their priority is to  keep people safe.