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Senator’s wife tells Facebook women to back off her husband

Posted at 1:47 PM, Jun 05, 2013

(WTVR) – The wife of an Alabama State Senator posted a warning to women using Facebook to hit on her husband.

“I am very blessed to be the wife of a God fearing, hard working, ministry minded, loving father and husband,” Heather McGill wrote on Facebook Monday. “It is not just my right but my duty to lovingly serve him by protecting him! I have been silent for long enough!! NO MORE! Multiple times since being in office he has gotten emails from women (who may not even be real) inviting him to explore, also sending pictures of themselves. NO MORE!!! It is a shame that people are so heartless that they would try to split up families. We have children that look at our face books from time to time! Shame on you! You know who you are. Next time everyone will know who you are!! For I will publicly share your name before we ‘unfriend’ you.”

McGill wrote if her post went viral, she hoped it would “strengthen marriages and families across this district, our state, and our country!”

Heather McGill Facbook post