Lamb of God’s Blythe remembers dead fan after acquittal

Posted at 12:01 PM, Jun 05, 2013
and last updated 2013-06-06 06:53:53-04

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (WTVR) – The singer for Richmond-based Lamb of God is officially a free man. An appeals court in the Czech Republic upheld Randy Blythe‘s acquittal Wednesday.

Blythe was found not guilty when he went on trial earlier this year, charged with manslaughter in the death of a fan. After the acquittal, the State Attorney immediately announced his intention to appeal. [Click here for CBS 6’s coverage of Blythe’s trial]

“Spokesman Jan Fort said that Prague’s High Court formally upheld the not guilty verdict today and that its decision is final,” Lamb of God posted on its website.

Blythe InstagramBlythe, who is currently on tour with the band, posted a statement on his Instagram account Wednesday.

“This is a sad, sad situation, but I am glad to be free man today,” Blythe wrote.

In another Instagram post, Blythe said he was relieved the appeals process was over and that his name was cleared. He also said he will honor the 19-year-old fan’s family’s wishes.

“… I still must remember that a young man who was a fan of my band is dead,” Blythe wrote on Instagram. “He was the last of his name, & that branch of his family dies with him. I must remember his family, & try to do right by them, for they were kind to me. They asked me to try & ensure others don’t get hurt at shows, ALL shows. So please please please be careful if you go to a show.”

Blythe, 42, was charged with manslaughter, accused of pushing Lamb of God fan Daniel Nosek, 19, off stage during a show in Prague nearly three years ago. Blythe was arrested and jailed in the Czech Republic when he and his band arrived there for a concert last summer.