Bon Jovi waives concert fees in Spain

Posted at 8:41 PM, May 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-30 20:41:29-04
(CNN) — Jon Bon Jovi and his bandmates have opted to waive the fee for their upcoming concert in Madrid, Spain in order to lower the cost of admission for fans weathering the country’s deep economic crisis.

According to a rep for the band, tickets for Bon Jovi’s June show in Madrid now range from 18 euros (roughly $23) to 39 euros, lower than tickets to their U.K. gigs.

Entry to those shows starts at the equivalent of 14 euros, and goes all the way up to what would amount to about 99 euros for the best seats, the BBC reports.

Going without a performance fee means the group won’t make any money from the show, but with the fee waived the tickets are essentially being offered at a “precio amigos” rate, or the friends and family rate.

“They wanted everyone to come to the show, despite the recession,” Bon Jovi’s rep said. “They are bringing the whole show and new production — no corners cut.”

CNN’s Carolyn Sung contributed to this report.

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