Police shoot man at senior living center

Posted at 6:31 PM, May 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-21 13:02:41-04

UPDATE: Police identified the slain suspect as 26-year-old Anthony Michael Bland, of James City County. Police said the 44-year-old police officer is listed in stable condition with a broken pelvis and fractured elbow. Va. State Police and James City County Police are continuing their investigations.

JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Virginia State Police are conducting a criminal investigation while James City County officers work on the administrative details after a suspect was shot and killed by James City police. It happened after a fight broke out at a senior living community.

Monday night investigators were working to preserve evidence under a tent, which sheltered both shell casings and the body of an assault suspect who was a resident of Colonial Manor.

"The call was for a fight between a resident and his roommate," said Maj. Steve Rubino with the James City County Police.

Things got worse as police say the suspect, later identified as 26-year-old Anthony Michael Bland, assaulted a staff member then turned his focus on the first officer who arrived on the scene.

"The officer exited his patrol vehicle, was struck by the suspect’s vehicle, pinning him against his patrol car, and so the officer grabbed his gun and shot into the vehicle," said Rubino.

Police say Bland ran the officer over and fled to a back lot.

"The suspect [then]  approached the officer and threatened to kill him, the suspect was shot and killed," said Rubino.

The officer, a four-year veteran of the James City County police force, was flown to Norfolk Genera Hospital.

Police said the officer is listed in stable condition with a broken pelvis and fractured elbow.

Monica Goodridge who lives right down the street was stunned. She said she knows the officer well because he's married to her son’s teacher and she knows he was planning to retire soon.

"It's a tragedy to be happening around here, my heart goes out to the officer and prayers are with the suspects family, too," said Goodridge.

Police say there are many questions surrounding the shooting, one that's staring them in the face is the age of the suspect.

"It's a senior living community and the suspect is not a senior citizen but he was a resident," said Rubino.

The officer is expected to recover.

One man who didn't want to appear on camera but who lives two doors from the senior living community said he heard at least nine shots.