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VIRGINIA THIS MORNING: Chef Malcolm Mitchell’s ‘Marshmallow Milkshake’

Posted at 1:11 PM, May 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-02 13:11:57-04

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - Food Network Star Season 8 Finalist, Chef Malcolm Mitchell is back with us he shares his signature recipe for a Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake with Dark Chocolate Shavings and Graham Cracker Crumble.

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Toasted Marshmallow Milk Shake

Fired Roasted Marshmallows*Shaved Dark Chocolate*Graham Cracker Crumble

Provided by Food Network Star Season 8 Finalist

Malcolm Mitchell


  • 1 bag jumbo marshmallows
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 1 tablespoon sour cream
  • 1 bar dark chocolate (Shaved)
  • 2 Graham crackers ( crumbled)


Preheat the broiler. On a foil-lined baking sheet, place half of the marshmallows in a single layer; broil until charred, 3 minute, or fire roast over open fire. Transfer to a plate to cool. Place the remaining marshmallows on the sheet and roast just until toasted, 2 minutes; let cool.

In a blender, mix the milk, ice cream, sour cream and charred marshmallows until smooth and thick. Top with the toasted marshmallows, graham cracker & chocolate.