Thousands living in the dark without power after March snow

Posted at 10:48 PM, Mar 06, 2013

HENRICO, Va ( WTVR) -- A snow day meant another study day for one Henrico student, who had two exams scheduled for today.

“We'll be taking the exams that were supposed to happen today, tomorrow,” says Jack Wallace.

We caught up with Jack studying by candlelight Wednesday night. It wasn’t his choice. It became his only choice after his family lost power when the snow was tapering off, but the wind starting picking up Wednesday night.

“It feels a little awkward, I guess. It doesn’t feel normal,” says Jack.

Looking around outside of their front window, the Wallaces know they're not alone. For his neighbors, looking around inside became too obscure, which is why they decided to head out.

"We had to go out for dinner. My mom was cooking dinner, but since the power went out, we couldn't make it anymore," says Wallace's neighbor.

While that family was out at dinner, Dominion crews were in their neighborhood trying to get the lights back on. At 5pm, when this west end neighborhood lost power, there were nearly 15,000 people without electricity in Central Virginia.

That number has been steadily decreasing all evening.

" I would encourage customers that are out to make preparations for being out for multiple days," says a Dominion spokesperson.

They're also urging anyone without power to call 1-866- DOM- HELP