Chesterfield residents make big stink about landfill

Posted at 12:13 AM, Mar 06, 2013

CHESTERFIELD, Va (WTVR) -- Filling up an elementary school gymnasium Tuesday night were some Chesterfield residents who don’t want to see a landfill, filling up space in their neighborhood.

“Why? Why does it have to go on this one site?” asks parent, Kipra Niermann.

Her children go to Grange Hall Elementary school, which is less than a mile from the site.

Skinquarter Land initially wanted a permit from the county to start disposing of coal combustion byproducts at this site.

“We have since given up on that. We decided we got too much blow- back from the community about it,” says Skinquarter Land owner, Bill Stinson.

Now, the company is only requesting a permit to accept automobile parts that can't be recycled, like rubber hoses, plastic and fabric. However, some residents say the company is still wasting its time. “We just don't want it. I think the bottom line is, not a single person here wants this,” says Niermann.

“It could affect the water, the environment, you just never know,” says another resident.

“It’s just not true,” says Stinson. He told CBS 6 that some residents are misinformed and he wanted to set the record straight Tuesday night, by telling resident that the car parts are not hazardous, trucks will be limited on nearby roads and the school will not be impacted.

However, organizers refused to let Stinson speak, telling the audience that he never presents all the information. Parents say they hope Stinson just buries this plan altogether.

“There's no reason for it. We have the Taylor landfill down on Taylor Road. It makes no sense,” says Niermann.

The Chesterfield County Planning Commission will meet about Stinson’s request on April 16.