McDonnell says ‘the excuses are over’ regarding sequestration squabble

Posted at 2:43 PM, Feb 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-28 14:52:30-05

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - At this time Governor Bob McDonnell said he is bracing for just how the sequestration squabble could ultimately impact those in the Commonwealth--especially concerning possible cuts to the defense budget.

"We started a year and a half ago as soon as sequestration went into effect in August," McDonnell said. "We had a plan on the Congress and the president failing."

During his monthly "Ask the Governor" radio segment McDonnell said it's the funding failures, he hopes Congress and the White House will avoid that could possibly cripple the Commonwealth.

"We got to realize the bills are due and the excuses are over," McDonnell said.

McDonnell added the potential for budget cuts is no longer political but personal when it comes to proposed slashes to defense spending.

"As a veteran, and somebody who had a kid in Iraq, and with over 100,000 active-duty members from Virginia and 839,000 veterans or so I think it's important to speak out and say 'look cut and cut more but don't put the burden on our men and women in uniform,'" the governor said.

And just east of Richmond--in Hampton Roads--the area is home to the largest concentration of military bases and facilities.  This area is of concern to the governor who said the loss of federal funds could lead to the loss of many jobs.

"Hurting the military when you're at war is the wrong policy," McDonnell said.  "There is a bipartisan blame I think for this."