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Fans wear KKK hoods to high school hockey game

Posted at 11:01 AM, Feb 24, 2013

GRAND FORKS, ND (WTVR) -- School leaders say three students who wore Ku Klux Klan-style outfits to a high school hockey state semi-finals game in North Dakota Friday night were not allowed to attend a game Saturday.

KXJB reports three freshmen were allegedly wearing white cloaks and hoods sitting in the student section Friday created a viral firestorm.

It all started when supporters of Red River High School turned out to cheer on their team with a traditional "white out," where fans wear white as a sign of solidarity.

People said that before the game they noticed the trio dressed in white robes, but that they never saw the complete outfit until someone snapped a picture and uploaded to social media with their phone.

Other Red River students told KXJB that the freshman had been told that they had to dress in all white  if they wanted to stand in the front.

In a video shot by KXJB three people are seen in the cloaks holding what appear to be hoods in their laps.

An investigation by school officials began after a photo of the students wearing the pointy, white hoods and cloaks went viral on Twitter.

KXJB reports the Grand Forks Public Schools athletics director notified administrators about the incident and that school officials later identified the three as students.

School leaders said Saturday they wanted to move forward after the incident.

"We want solid citizens, we want our students to do what's right, to do what's best and to support their school in a positive, passionate, caring way," Associate Principal Chris Douthit told KXJB.

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