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Wedding ring lost in subway returned to bride

Posted at 11:41 AM, Feb 22, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-22 14:16:12-05

NEW YORK (CNN) ­– A Brooklyn teacher has proof that there are still good people out there after she lost her diamond engagement ring on the subway and got it back months later.

Hager Elsayed lost her $4,000 engagement ring while riding the N-train  just 6-months after her fiancé Juan Rivera popped the question.

“I was devastated, a million things went through my mind,” Elsayed said.

Elsayed is a teacher’s assistant at PS 216 in Graves End and when her students found out she had no idea where she lost the ring, they too felt her pain.

“I felt so bad because that’s her engagement ring, it’s upsetting,” Malek Mostafa, one of her 10-year-old students says.

Elsayed looked everywhere for her ring for two months. Then one day at the subway stop, she recognized that the subway agent was the same guy who was working the day she lost the ring.

She says she couldn’t believe it when the agent told her that a woman found the ring and turned it in.

“He told me he was like, an older Asian woman, picked it up, gave it to him, she spoke no English, she didn’t know a word of English,” Elsayed says.

The clerk then turned the ring into the MTA lost and found. The following day Elsayed got her ring back in a plastic bag.

Elsayed says she is grateful to the good Samaritan.

“She’s an angel, God bless her wherever she is and I just want to thank her for doing such a beautiful thing,” Elsayed says.

As for Elsayed’s students, they say it is a lesson learned.

“If I would’ve found something like that, I’m going to return it because that’s amazing,” Jerry Leone, a 10-year-old student says.

Elsayed says the lesson fits right in with their school motto, “Work hard and be kind to one another.”