Hanover Schools final budget decision leaves some unsettled

Posted at 12:07 AM, Feb 22, 2013

HANOVER, Va (WTVR) -- In Hanover County, the main attraction isn't some mall or monument, but the schools.

“We decided to move to Hanover County because of the schools,’ says Janice Maino, a Hanover County teacher.

That’s why so many people kept their eyes on the county’s school board for the last six weeks, pressuring them to protect that precious place.

“As much as it went into building the reputation of the schools, it can easily fall apart,” says parent, Christiane Riederer.

That pressure from residents appears to have paid off in some regard, because the superintendent's initial recommendation to have students pay to play a sport was scrapped.

Instead, to close a $5.4 million budget gap, the board wants to eliminate 16 teaching positions through attrition instead of the original 24. High school teachers will also have to take on additional classes.

“I think we're in as good a place as can possibly be,” says Ann Gladstone, School Board Chair.

However, some parents and teachers don't think so, telling CBS 6’s Lorenzo Hall, these school leaders should've gone to county leaders.

“If they would've asked for more money, we could've had even more,’ says Maino.

‘I’m fine with paying higher taxes for education,” says Riederer.

Parents and teachers plan to appeal to county leaders for an increased property tax at the County Board of Supervisor’s meeting next week.