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Texas boy miffed he can’t wear dress to prom

Posted at 3:54 PM, Feb 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-21 15:54:01-05

SPRING, TX (KHOU) -- A Houston-area teen is fighting his school district to wear a dress, heels and a wig to his senior prom.

"I actually wore my total ensemble to Miller Outdoor Theater," Tony Zamazal, a senior at Spring High School, said. "I really didn't actually accept it in my own mind that it was okay until recently and it just became part of me.

Zamazal said he feels more comfortable dressing as a woman and wants to make his big debut at prom.

But Zamazal said plan was foiled by an assistant principal in charge of prom dress code.

"He told me it just wasn't in the dress code [and said] women wore dresses, men wore tuxedoes. They had a standard dress code."

Zamazal admits the blow was crushing – and that he initially felt defeated. But now he's ready to take a stand and is hoping the attention will make school officials have a change of heart.

Zamazal said he does expect some people will judge him for dressing differently, but that he doesn't care what they think as long as he gets to be himself.

When the school district was asked about a specific dress code policy for school dances, they did not give an answer.

A Spring school district spokesperson said that if Zamazal isn't satisfied with the answer he got, he can take his request to the school's principal.