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VIDEO: Feuding bobcats flip out during mating season

Posted at 3:27 PM, Feb 20, 2013

CARROLLTON, TX (KTVT) -- A Texas neighborhood is on edge after two bobcats were caught on video nearly fighting.

The video shows some tense moments between the cats who were locked in a growling stare-down before they simply walk away in Carrollton.

Kevin Martuscello, who shot the video from the safety of a car, said he was surprised by the size of the animals.

The homeowner’s association has warned residents that this is mating season for the cats.

According to wildlife experts at Cornell University, bobcats are “opportunistic predators” that feed on poultry, house cats  small dogs and exotic birds.

Residents are asked to keep pets and children indoors as often as possible, and call Animal Control if they spot one of the bobcats roaming near homes.

Community leaders say they will set out traps for the cats next to a nearby creek.