Air Force cancels Langley Air Show amid sequestration concerns

Posted at 1:03 PM, Feb 15, 2013

HAMPTON, Va. (WTVR) – The U.S. Air Force announced it was canceling the 2013 Air Power Over Hampton Roads Open House and Air Show over the uncertainty of sequestration.

“The Air Force has to consider the fiscal challenges affecting the Department of Defense and the nation,” Col. Korvin Auch, 633rd Air Base Wing commander, said in a statement. “We’re taking prudent steps now in order to be good stewards of taxpayer resources while focusing on maintaining readiness.”

The Air Force said canceling the show would help “minimize impact to readiness and our people while protecting wartime operations.”

The show was scheduled for May 3-5.

“We sincerely appreciate the sustained support and understanding from our service members, their families, the American public and specifically our local Hampton Roads supporters and friends, through these trying fiscal times,” Auch said. “We cannot continue functioning as the world’s most capable Air Force without this support.

No dates for future Air Power Over Hampton Roads have been set.