Hanover residents plea before ultimate decision-makers

Posted at 11:04 PM, Feb 13, 2013

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) -- Hanover residents hope the county’s Board of Supervisors will help close the school system’s $5.4 million budget gap.

The superintendent is proposing staffing cuts, adding an additional class for teachers and requiring students to pay in order to play a sport.

Teachers pleaded before school leaders Wednesday night.

“I work for a county that celebrates and proudly proclaims we do more with less. I am the less you do more with,” said one teacher.

“If a doctor gives you a diagnosis, you heed their advice. If an engineer warns you of structural concerns you listen. When a teacher, after 15 years of service, gives his or her professional opinion you should heed the warning,” said another teacher.

Parents and teachers aren’t the only people frustrated. Hanover High School senior Anthony Smith prepared a report for school and county leaders about ways to close the budget gap.

Smith told CBS 6’s Lorenzo Hall that tax increases aren’t the only answer. Instead, Smith says the school system should only buy what’s needed.

“I think it's a waste to just buy things in bulk and it's been proven. You look around in the schools and teachers have technology they don't use, but, we bought it in bulk, so, it's going to be there no matter what,” says Smith.

The Hanover County School Board will present their budget recommendations to the county’s Board of Supervisors next week.