Chris Brown crashes Porsche; blames paparazzi

Posted at 3:57 PM, Feb 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-10 16:21:08-05

A rep for Chris Brown says the singer crashed into a wall while being “ruthlessly pursued by paparazzi,” his representative said.

Brown was driving to a Symphonic Love Foundation event in Los Angeles when two vehicles cut him off. [BONUS: Chris Brown probation hearing rescheduled for April]

“The occupants jumped out, with cameras, and aggressively approached his vehicle,” Brown’s representative said in a statement. “In an effort to remove himself from the situation, he began to back down an alley, at which point his was cut off by two additional vehicles.”

The rep says the crash totaled the car.

Beverly Hills police said Brown crashed his black Porsche into a wall Saturday afternoon.

Chris Brown

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“Brown stated that he was being chased by paparazzi, causing him to lose control of his vehicle,” police said in a statement.

The crash follows a spate of vehicular incidents involving celebrities and paparazzi.

In January, a photographer was killed in traffic after taking pictures of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari.

Last year, a Los Angeles city councilman predicted such a tragedy after witnessing a high-speed chase of Bieber by paparazzi.

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Councilman Dennis Zine said the high-speed chase, which he estimated went for 15 miles, ended when a California Highway Patrol officer stopped Bieber and cited him for speeding.

Zine has sponsored tougher punishment for photographers who break the law while stalking celebrities.

“I expected to see a crash,” Zine said of the chase. “The danger is of someone getting killed.”