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Store clerk whipped ‘demon’ boy

Posted at 2:23 PM, Feb 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-07 14:38:29-05

WRIGHTSVILLE,Ga. (WTVR) –  Police in Georgia charged a Dollar General store clerk with aggravated assault after they said she whipped a customer’s child with a belt.

The child, 8-year-old Logan Ivey, said it all started when he threw a cookie at the clerk after she called him a demon.

“So I walked down this aisle and I seen the lady. She started calling me a demon, so I said ‘I’ll show you bad’ and I picked up a cookie and I threw it at her,” Ivey. “So I tried to hide behind the counter and somehow she found me and started whipping me and I didn’t have nowhere to go.”

Ivey said the clerk whipped him on the back with a belt.

"I was screaming Momma," the child recalled.

Police said security video showed the clerk hit Ivey around 25 times.

"It wasn't a spanking, it was more or less a beating than a spanking the way she was hitting him, you know?" the child's father Jody Ivey said. "I don't know how to explain it. It just - I don't even like to think about it."

Jody Ivey said his son is a normal child.

"I mean he likes to play. You have to get onto him just like any other kid, but he didn't deserve to be beat with no belt like that by nobody else," he said.

Local television affiliate WMAZ reached out to the Dollar General Store and they declined to comment.