Va. woman hopped up on cocaine hit father and children with car

Posted at 6:56 PM, Feb 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-06 19:00:11-05

(WTKR) - On Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013, Sandra Hofstadler was sentenced for hitting a father and three children in a vehicle while she was high on cocaine.

It happened back in January of 2012, at a bus stop in Virginia Beach.

Hofstadler was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

She received five years each for two counts of maiming. She also received another year for reckless driving.

She will only serve 11 years in prison, after receiving credit for time served.

Hofstadler also faces a $5,000 fine.

Back in January 2012, police say Sandra Hofstadler swerved past a stopped school bus, as the students were getting on the bus. That’s when she hit the four family members.

the father, David Yancy said he and his son were both hospitalized with severe brain injuries.

The other two children who were injured were his daughter and niece.

Hofstadler has pleaded guilty to a number of drug and alcohol charges dating back to 2003.