Trick shot toddler, kid can’t miss these baskets

Posted at 8:22 AM, Feb 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-06 09:22:23-05

(WTVR) – A two-year-old is blazing a path to internet fame for his ability to shoot two, three, and pretty much any other shot you can think of.

Yes, young Titus can make all the baskets.

In a 2 minute, 56 second spectacle of a YouTube clip that’s making the social media rounds, the toddler proves worthy of the first comment, which pretty much spells it out: “Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2032 NBA Draft 1st overall pick,” blitz0623 posted.

Titus, no last name is given, nails shots facing away from the basket, with the basket turned the wrong way, over his older siblings, on a 7-foot rim, with different sized balls, while laying on a trampoline, on an arcade game, you name it.

The video has over 800,000 views as of  8 a.m. Wednesday.