How about $200 to quit Facebook?

Posted at 8:49 PM, Feb 06, 2013

Around the New Year, it seems like at least one Facebook friend vows to quit Facebook.

But one teenage plans to make $200 from her Dad by quitting the social network (see what I did there).

Yahoo reports that the 14-year-old Massachusetts girl signed a deal with her dad: If she stays off of Facebook for five months, she gets $200.

Her father drew up a contract to make it official.

She gets $50 if she can stay off Facebook through the middle of April and another $150 if she makes it until the end of June.

Her father changed her password so she can’t get in to her account–which is sorta cheating, but it’s their rules.

Her dad said he hopes she realizes the benefit of a hiatus, noting how seemingly important the network is to her generation.

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