‘Ex-gay’ Christian blogger turns up on gay hook-up site

Posted at 1:49 PM, Feb 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-02-06 13:51:44-05

(WTVR) — An “ex-gay” Christian blogger who writes about how religion saved him from a life of gay sin has been spotted on a gay hookup app.

The Huffington Post reports Matt Moore, a blogger for the Christian Post, is admitting that a profile on Grindr, an app mainly used by gay men to find sexual partners, belongs to him.

Zinnia Jones, a blogger activist, first broke the news that one of her readers has spotted a

Matt Moore on Grindr (Source: Zinnia Jones)

Matt Moore on Grindr (Source: Zinnia Jones)

photo of Moore, the same one used as his Twitter profile photo, had been spotted on the dating site after she received a message from one of her readers.

Moore later came clean and said that the account, in fact, did belong to him. He wrote to Jones that creating the profile and talking to guys had been a “major disobedience,” but that he had not changed any of his views on homosexuality.

Moore also said that before the news officially broke, his pastor had already learned about his Grindr activities.

In a blog post earlier this week, Jones’ calls into question so-called “ex-gays” that have  trouble practicing what they preach.

“They proudly tell queer youth that their lives will be cursed with misery, illness, violence, addiction, a lack of meaningful human connection and an untimely death, unless they follow a faith that demands nothing less than the utter negation of who they are,” writes Jones. “Then they turn around and happily jump right back into a life that supposedly carries these most terrible consequences.”

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