City Hall packed as School Board listens to public outcry

Posted at 10:40 PM, Feb 04, 2013

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR)--Monday night hundreds of people packed in, and lined up to let the school superintendent and Richmond school board members know they are not in favor of outsourcing jobs.

Some employees told CBS’s Lorenzo Hall that they feel betrayed. “I voted for you all to better my life,” said one employee.

Instead, many of these school employees are wondering if they'll have a job next year. The superintendent wants to outsource the school system's maintenance, transportation and security departments, which would eliminate more than 500 jobs.

“If you want to create a permanent underclass, keep doing what you’re doing,” says one parent.

The superintendent’s proposal to outsource isn't a new concept. It was recommended by the mayor's school task force last year. Still, these employees think school leaders are making the wrong moves.

“Dr. Brandon, when are we going to cut central office so we can see how you work with more, with less?” says another employee.

This meeting wasn't just full of questions and demands. Some people even passed along reminders.

“I know you're new, but, before you, they were doing the same thing. Guess what they took home, a loss,” said one school coach.

Ironically, a former board member who lost her seat was standing behind this guy, letting the new board know, she's willing to give them advice. “I’m available for further elaboration or questions should you have any,” said Dr. Norma Murdoch-Kitt.

Current board member, Derik Jones tells CBS 6, because of the financial situation nothing can be off the table this year.

 The mayor has requested that the budget be presented by February 19, 2013.