Owner: Siberian Huskies found shot to death

Posted at 11:28 PM, Feb 02, 2013

POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - A pair of Siberian Huskies were found dead in Powhatan County after they escaped from their backyard in January.  Their owner now says the police think the huskies were shot to death.

Powhatan resident Patrick Obradovic posted fliers all over the county to find his missing dogs, Jethro and Abby.

"I mean, it's been like an empty house here," Obradovic said.  "When we come home, they're usually there at the front door to greet us."

Jethro and Abby had been missing for five days until earlier this week.  On Tuesday, he says  the Powhatan Sheriff's Office found the dogs' dead bodies off Jeter Road. He says it appears they were shot.

"The sheriff's office informed us they had a lead, and they came back about 30 minutes later saying they had found our dogs shot and killed," said Obradovic.

He says they found their bodies only a two minute run from his house, which is on Jeter Road.

Obradovic says this is not the first time dogs have been shot and killed in the area.

The Powhatan Sheriff's Office and Animal Control are investigating Jethro and Abby's deaths.  However, details of the investigation will not be released until the huskies' autopsies comes back sometime next week.

Sheriff deputies told Obradovic he could receive restitution for his dogs' deaths.  They also told him charges are likely in this case.

If all the details as he understands them hold true, Obradovic can only describe his pets' deaths as senseless.

"They met a violent end for no reason," he said.  "It would be easier to deal with if they had been hit by a car by accident, but this was a deliberate act."

Obradovic says his family will likely get new Siberian Huskies, but even that can't replace Jethro and Abby.

Police investigators are expected to release more on this case next week.  Stay with CBS 6 for updates.