School safety recommendations made to keep VA students protected

Posted at 11:33 AM, Feb 01, 2013

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR ) -- Recommendations have been made to the governor on how to better protect Virginia students.  A task force that evaluated mental health, education and public safety came up with a list of priorities they want the governor and General Assembly to consider.

Governor Bob McDonnell first appointed the task force soon after the deadly Newtown shooting, to prevent a similar tragedy from happening here in the Commonwealth.

"As you know I said earlier that we ought to try and do anything possible to keep these young people safe," Governor McDonnell said.

The group began taking form Thursday when the governor appointed 45 people, to include educators, public safety and mental health experts, parents, students, legislators and local leaders.

"We just know especially here in Virginia after the wake of VA Tech and this tragedy in Connecticut, anything we can do to improve the safety and give parents the confidence that their young child is going to go off and get a good education; and not be subject to a violent act--then we are going to do," McDonnell said.

Topping the list of 24 proposals:
Mandatory jail time for illegal gun buyers and illegal gun sellers, granting immunity to any person-with good faith-who reports credible danger, putting resource officers back on campus and the governor says more security needs to be added to the building themselves.

"We are looking at the locks and the latches in school, the technology that could be used to make the entrances more secure," McDonnell said.  "I mean there's a lot of things to look at."

The two dozen proposals will now make their way to the General Assembly for consideration.

Click here for a complete list of the proposals.