VDOT warns drivers to watch out for black ice

Posted at 8:45 PM, Jan 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-26 20:45:50-05

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Even though Friday’s snow storm has moved through Central Virginia, the lingering snow and ice of local streets are causing a slew of traffic accidents in the city of Richmond and the surrounding counties.

For instance, Saturday morning, an unmarked police cruiser tried to stop at the intersection of Altamont and West Leigh Street, but slid through it on the iced over road and smashed into another car.

A day after the Virginia State Police responded to nearly 140 accidents in Richmond at the height of a snow storm, some Richmonders are questioning how well their neighbors drive in the snow.

“They don't get enough of it to know how to handle it,” Raymond Priddy, who lives in Scotts Addition, said.

Slick conditions Saturday morning led to dozens of calls for accidents in Richmond.  With most of the main roads pretty clear, many of these wrecks happened off the beaten path, on secondary streets.

However, the Sunday morning commute could be a nightmare for drivers on their neighborhood streets if temperatures drop Saturday evening.

“The Richmond area has approximately 14,000 lane miles of secondary roads,” VDOT spokesperson Dawn Eischen said.

VDOT says they are prepared in case temperatures plummet below the freezing point.  Road crews are once again applying brine to the streets, but are focusing that attention on very specific spots.

“Black ice is always a concern whenever we have refreeze from a snow event," Eischen said.  "What they are trying to do today is address some of the areas that could potentially refreeze overnight."

With the potential for Richmond streets to ice over again, drivers like Darius Pryor of Richmond say they will handle their vehicle with the utmost care if they need to.

“Taking it slow, not worrying about horns or anything like that," Pryor said.  "Road rage away, I'm not going to get into an accident.  I love my Jeep!”

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