Study finds voice-activated texting is NOT safer option

Posted at 6:36 PM, Jan 24, 2013

(WTVR) -- An option to make driving safer may be causing more harm than good.

A new Virginia Tech study shows that voice activated texting, designed to allow drivers to keep both hands on the wheel, may actually be just as dangerous as traditional texting.

The study found voice-controlled texting resulted in higher mental demand and more frequent, longer glances away from the roadway.

One driver, Rhoni Golden, explained why she decides to steer clear from voice-activated texting. [BONUS: Take W82TEXT pledge to help stop texting while driving]

"You're still going to want to look down and see if it was right you're probably see something that was incorrect and re-type it so you're probably going to spend more time," said Golden.

Experts warn any distractions while behind the wheel can be dangerous.

The General Assembly is considering harsher legislation on people who text while driving.