Surprise redistricting vote mocked on Colbert Report

Posted at 5:37 PM, Jan 24, 2013

CBS 6 told you on Tuesday about the redistricting vote that some call a sneak attack.  When one seat was left vacant in the Virginia State Senate, Republicans passed an amendment to change voting district lines.

Republicans called for a vote on the amendment while Sen. Henry Marsh (D – Richmond) was out of town attending the inauguration of President Barack Obama. The state Senate is split equally, 20 seats for each party. The amendment passed by one vote.

Even Governor Bob McDonnell said that the tactics “were a surprise and don’t think that’s the way buisness should be done.”

Now Senate Democrats are vowing to fight the changes in court.

Meanwhile, the drama played out on the cable TV funnies. Stephen Colbert featured the move in his “Alpha Dog of the Week” segment, featured in the clip above. If you want to see the whole transcript, click over to Style Weekly.

If you recall, Virginia General Assembly sessions have shown up almost every year on the late-night joke circuit, since Ken Cuccinelli became Attorney General.

Last year the trans-vaginal debate was the brunt of jokes on The Daily Show, as well as making national news headlines.

And if you’ve ever wondered what sports might look like if they utilized gerrymandering strategies, Mark Holmberg has your report and commentary.