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Sister tries to save 4-year-old as neighbor’s pit bull attacks

Posted at 1:56 AM, Jan 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-21 02:14:22-05

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KHOU) – A Texas family is mourning the loss of a 4-year-old boy attacked by a pit bull over the weekend.

It happened Saturday afternoon in the 5700 block of Pinehurst in West Montgomery County.

Debra Dreier, a family friend, remembered Christian Gormanous as a sweet little boy who liked to dress up as Spiderman.

Officials said Christian was playing in his backyard with his 9-year-old sister while a pit bull was chained next door.

"Christian climbed over the fence and the dog attacked him," Dreier told KHOU. "Trinity was able to get the dog off of him, brought her little brother back over the fence and went in and got her mother and told her the dog had attacked Christian." 

The child's injuries were so severe that he was transported by air ambulance to a Houston hospital. But the boy died Saturday evening.

Misty Price, another family friend, said the family is in the process of coming to grips with the loss.

"The mother, of course, and father are very distraught," Price said. "But we're holding on.  We trust in the Lord and we will see it through."

The head of the property owners association said the neighborhood has an ongoing problem with pit bulls.

"That the dog was that violent, to show that action, then I have this feeling we're going to have to do something," Karen Loube, the property owner's association president, said. " I just think they're going to have to outlaw these dogs..."

No one was home when KHOU checked at the house of the dog owner, but a notice from an animal control officer hung on the door.

Friends remembered Christian's mother putting dinosaur feet on the street for his birthday as a sign of how much she loved her son. Friends stressed that the boy had a wonderful mother.

"He was a happy, very happy, very loved, sweet, little boy," Dreier said.