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Walmart worker finds tips to live by, looking for child author

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jan 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-16 19:00:03-05

CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (WTVR) -- "Don't get into other people's business," is just one of over a hundred tips written by a child in small red notebook.

The notebook was found by a Walmart employee while he was bringing in carts from the parking lot. Once Raymond Flores found the tidbits of information, he knew he couldn't throw it away.

All of them were numbered and written in a child's handwriting, made more obvious by the number of spelling errors.

Tip number 112,, "Try to make things fair."

Tip number 118, "Don't keep saying please if someone says no I like that."

Tip number 154, "Protect this book."

Spelling errors from the book include, "Ware your seatbelt" and "Recicle" or recycle.

Raymond Flores, the one who found the book says he's already started to apply some of the tips to his own life. He's now hoping to find the author. One reason, so the author can finish rule 158. The latest tip was a work in progress before the book was lost.

At this time Flores isn't saying exactly when he found the book. He hopes only the real author would know that.