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Homeless man hailed as hero for thwarting attempted robbery

Posted at 3:45 PM, Jan 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-15 15:45:07-05

HOLLYWOOD, Florida (WFOR) – A man who lives inside a U-Haul truck outside a Florida gas station is being praised for helping thwart an attempted armed robbery at a gas station.

WFOR reports that Hasib Kuric was standing outside his U-Haul truck when he spotted two men with weapons putting on masks behind the store.

While many might have run the other way, Kuric quickly ran into the store to warn the clerk.

"I just entered inside and told him, 'Leo, close the door, call police,'" Kuric said. "He saw me surprised, and then he was pushing the button automatically. While he was pushing the button the guy was already in [the] door."

Kuric said the robbers were on his tail and shot into the store as they ran in.

"He started shooting at me three times and he told me, 'You'll never do this again," Kuric said. 

Next Kuric said he ducked into an aisle and the clerk pulled out his own gun and shot and killed one of the robbers. Kuric said in all more than 15 shots were fired.

"I don't see who shooting... but he start screaming. I come out from the islands and I see him lying down," he said.

That's when Kuric said the other robber jumped into this car.

The clerk called 911 with the car description and police quickly stopped the Chevy several blocks away and arrested 19-year-old Joshua Stuart.

Kuric said he feared for the clerk's life, especially since the man has four children. 

"I was happy when his wife talk with him on phone," he said. "When he start hugging me."

Police said the incident appears to be self-defense and do not expect to charge the clerk.

Additionally, they are still investigating to find out if there was a third criminal acting as a the getaway driver.

The gas station owner currently pays Kuric to clean up around the parking lot, but after possibly saving his employee's life, he may be up for a security job.