Virginia woman is accused of illegal gun dealing

Posted at 10:55 PM, Jan 11, 2013

WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Virginia woman was indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly trafficking firearms and then lying about it, prosecutors announced Friday.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Alexandria said Kimberly Dinkins, 44, of Manassas, had purchased more than 25 firearms during a 15-day period with the intent to sell them to others.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Dinkins had claimed she sold all the weapons, while she still had some in her possession.

There is no limit on gun purchases for personal use in Virginia, but it’s illegal to turn around and sell significant numbers of the weapons for a profit without a federal license.

Both the charge of dealing firearms without a license and lying to investigators carry penalties of up to five years in prison. The indictment was handed down Thursday.

“Kimberly Dinkins is accused of purchasing a high volume of handguns in 15 days, at least one of which made it into the hands of a suspected drug trafficker,” said U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride in Alexandria.

The semi-automatic handguns were purchased at three Virginia gun shows on consecutive weekends, prosecutors said.

Authorities say the guns were purchased between November 17 and December 1. A suspected drug trafficker in Maryland was arrested November 30 carrying one of the handguns Dinkins had purchased, they allege.

Dinkins was arrested December 13 and remains in federal custody pending further court action, the ATF said. She is scheduled to be arraigned January 18 in Alexandria.

Dinkins will be represented in her court appearance by the federal public defender’s office.