Ultimate Bridal Survivor Richmond: Sophfeia

Posted at 10:33 AM, Jan 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-08 10:59:00-05

Sophfeia's Story:

My name is Sophfeia and I am 24 year old native from rural Mecklenburg County, VA. I currently reside in Richmond, Va, which I've called home for the last 7 years. I came to Richmond to attend school at Virginia Commonwealth University as a premed student.

While attending college, I met the man of my dreams. We have been dating for the last 5 years and he has been more than supportive to all my goals and accomplishments.

I've always dreamed of spending my life with him until recently when he made that dream a reality by asking me to marry him. Our story is far from a fairy tale with the Prince in shining armor to most, but to me it was the world.

We have been having car trouble for the last couple of months to the point where our car troubles became pretty predictable. My boyfriend works two jobs, where his weekdays are filled with his 9 to 5 and most of his weekend nights consist of serving up late night meals for customers on the go. Due to our work requirements, transportation is a must in our household.

Friday, December 14 started off as any ordinary day as he went off to work his 16 hour day. Around 1am, Saturday morning (when his shift was over), I received a phone call from him saying that he was having car trouble and he needed a ride.

The weird thing was he instructed me to dress warm. I ignored his jester, thinking how long could this possibly take? As I jumped out of bed, I couldn't help but try to count the number of times this scene have previously played out (which consisted of me waking up in the middle of the night) to save the day.

In fact, I couldn't help to think about how we had just gotten the car fixed and it still was unreliable, however, what I didn't know was what was really set to come....

I arrived at the James Center on Cary St., where the car had died. I was so sleepy, I didn't notice where exactly I was, let alone the beauty that was reflected by all the Christmas lights.

I pulled up behind his car, which had the hood up and him under it and got out to see what I could do. He begins to explain how the car wouldn't crank and he had no idea what to do. He proceeds to wiggle his battery post and tries to crank the car.

Low and behold, the car started right up and I smiled and said, "Ok let's go". As I started to walk away, he walks over to the lighted decorations at the James Center and says, " Come here I want to show you something". I walk over to him rubbing my eyes, and as I pull my hand away from my face, I see him down on one knee with a ring asking me to marry him. I was so overjoyed. The scene I've dreamed of every since I was a little girl was now a reality.

At that moment, I realized where I was and what was going on....He had faked the car trouble to get me out the house and propose to me at the James Center, right in front of all the Christmas lights. It was the most beautiful scene I could ever imagine and I was delighted to tell him, "Yes" that moment he was my knight in shining armor, his car was the horse, and this was MY Fairytale..... :)

I am willing to do what I can to survive this challenge and marry the man of my dreams. If chosen as a contestant, I will be the last survivor. The money will definitely contribute to the wedding of my dreams. Due to money constraints, we are now planning a small event with close family, however, winning this contest will let all our family and friends share this special day with us.