Ultimate Bridal Survivor Richmond: Christie

Posted at 9:46 AM, Jan 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-08 11:02:55-05

Christie's Story:

Why I am the Ultimate Bridal Survivor? I served hard time working in an all-male correctional facility as the… wait for it…. Prison Librarian/GED teacher.

Three years of walking through 6 locking gates to get to my library has made me one tough lady…

Luckily, was able to find me an equally tough man. Matthew, my fiancé, served 6 years with the Marine Corps- served two tours of duty, one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.

After months on Match and many horrible dates, this tough bride was not about to give up. On March 5th, 2012 I met Matthew at a local restaurant to watch the VCU Rams play. As fate would have it, this is the last (thank goodness) date I’d venture out on.

Over the next few months, Matthew and I had many crazy adventures. We jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet together, welcomed home our troops, went rodeo-ing, traveled across the country to visit friends and loved ones (Matthew just returned from his last tour of duty and friends and family were eager to greet him home!) and most importantly, fell crazily in love.

On December 8th at the 20th Annual James River Parade of Lights I got the surprise of my life. Matthew coordinated a night I would never forget. In front of 3,000 local residents at Henricus Historical Park, he took the stage (and the mic) and gave a beautiful speech, stripped off all of his clothes (he had a full tuxedo on underneath), got down on one knee and proposed. (want to watch a hot Marine strip… watch the video attached!!)

I am the Ultimate Bridal Survivor- you want to watch 7 other brides-to-be lose their cool….. put me in the limo with them! The 2013 Ultimate Bridal Survivor will be one to remember if I’m in the limo!


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