Ultimate Bridal Survivor Richmond: Amber

Posted at 9:36 AM, Jan 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-08 10:59:08-05

Amber's Story:

This is my absolute only chance at ever having the wedding of my dreams. I have been planning my wedding for the past eight months and it has been a horrible experience. I have had to sacrifice aspects of a wedding that every bride deserves due to our lack of funds. I want this more than anyone could ever imagine.

My fiance and I met when I was in high school and have always dreamed of spending the rest of our lives together. I, like every other girl in the world have always imagined the wedding of my dreams, however, once the planning had begun I quickly realized that the wedding I had always imagined was not within our means. It is with much thanks to some very supportive friends and family that my wedding plans have been slowly coming together. We have cut corners and elimated as many unnecessary aspects of the wedding that we possibly could have. A honeymoon has never even been an option we've discussed.

Though I appreciate all of the help that I have received, I find myself browsing wedding gown websites, especially. I think that the gown I found is beautiful, however, it is not what I pictured myself walking down the isle in. I would be the ultimate Bridal Survivor because I want it more than I could ever put into words. The idea of simply wearing the wedding gown of my dreams is astronomical in itself. I have struggled to pay for each and every aspect of our wedding, and to this day still am unsure of how we're going to take care of everything we need to take care of.

If given this opportunity, I would be the most thankful person in the entire world. 20,000 dollars is more than I make in an entire year at my job. I can't even imagine a wedding that cost so much. I hope that I'll be considered for this contest because all that I can say for sure is that I KNOW I could be the ultimate bridal survivor. There is no possible way that anyone could want it as much as I do. A week of my life seems like a small sacrifice to make for the wedding of my dreams.


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