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RG3 reinjures knee, Seahawks bounce Redskins from playoffs

Posted at 8:16 PM, Jan 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-07 07:14:15-05

(WTVR) — The Seattle Seahawks prevented the Washington Redskins from advancing in the playoffs. The Seahawks won 24-14 in Sunday’s NFC wildcard contest.

During the game, Robert Griffin III battled on with a wounded knee to keep the team ahead, but his right knee eventually failed him with 6:19 left in the game.

USA Today reports that it seems likely RG3 will need some kind of surgery during the offseason.

Some questioned whether RG3’s knee issue was handled correctly.

Dr. James Andrews, Redskins team physician and noted orthopedic surgeon, told USA Today that he was nervous about Griffin and his injury. [READ MORE FROM USA TODAY: Andrews says he never cleared RG3 to go back into game after injury]

In fact, Andrews told USA Today on Saturday that he never examined Griffin before he returned to the field after suffering a sprained lateral collateral ligament during the Baltimore Ravens game on Dec. 9. 

That differs from what Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said when he was asked why Griffin was allowed to return to the game. Shanahan said he had Andrews’ blessing when RG3 returned to the game. 

However, Griffin said Sunday night that if he had been pulled from the game, he probably would have headed right back on the field. He said he respects authority, but that at the same time, “there’s no way I was coming out of that game.”

RG3 also called the conversation he had with the head coach awkward when he was asked if he was ok. He said that as a player, you never want a coach to think you’re lying to them when it comes to injuries. Even if the coach thinks you’re injured, the player ultimately knows, he said. 

“I was not lying to him. I was able to go out there and play period,” Griffin said. “If he had pulled me out, I would have been highly upset. But that’s his prerogative and his choice. But he kept me in.”

Griffin also talked about the knee injury he sustained during the Seahawks game. The player said that coming off the field it felt like the same type of injury he suffered during last month’s Ravens game.