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Holmberg’s predictions for Richmond 2013

Posted at 11:49 PM, Jan 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-03 00:26:31-05

My first prediction: The New Year’s ball will rise again in Carytown at the end of 2013.

That’s pretty easy. Our friend, the Byrd’s Todd Schall-Vess, has it down to a science.

Sorry, friends. The Washington Redskins won’t win the Super Bowl – this year. Neither will the Seattle Seahawks, which has Collegiate graduate Russell Wilson as its star rookie quarterback.

Next, there will finally be a deal inked for a new stadium for the Flying Squirrels. It will be right next to the old one.

Inmates will put in a fall garden at the new city jail.

Riverfront development will lurch into gear by the old intermediate terminal.  “River rat” card games and barrel fires on Water Street will be placed on the endangered species list, which is a shame. That crew has been there almost as long as the river.

There were be yet more talk about revisioning Richmond’s big housing projects – the worst curse on the city, the schools and the folks who live there, but no bulldozers will roll into Gilpin Court in 2013. Unfortunately.

There will be continued talk about Richmond’s police chief, Bryan Norwood, getting the heave-ho from Mayor Jones, but the quiet chief will be here again for 2013 – hopefully.

Richmond schools troubled superintendent, Yvonne Brandon, will be gone, sooner or later, depending on who is selected to be school board chair Thursday.

Tolls will be rejected as a way to pay for Virginia roads, and school crowding will be a hot topic in the counties.

Richmond may have the best, and most unified, city council in two decades. This city has made great strides in the past few years, and 2013 will be yet another year of growth and health in  town that outsiders are discovering and insiders are rediscovering.

Finally, Most of us, but not all, will be here at the end of the year.

Please don’t take the year for granted. And remember, an adventure a day keeps the doctor away, but not necessarily the undertaker.

Your predictions for 2013?